You love being active and to be challenged? You want to have fun and to be out together? You are curious and like to use your creativity?

City&Quest takes your team to interesting places in the city and demands your cleverness and skill! The fun is already available in several cities. Do not miss them!


Cathedral city in the Palatinate: experience leisure time together in Speyer, more…


Between the castle and Neckar: with City & Quest through Heidelberg, more …

Mainz New Town

Joy and cheerfulness: with City&Quest through Mainz, more…

Mainz Old Town

Joy and cheerfulness: with City&Quest through Mainz, more…


Fortress City on the Danube: discover modern and historical sites with City & Quest, more…


Multi-faceted Fan-City: exploring Karlsruhe with City&Quest, more…

CityQuest Smily rot
Anke G. via e-mail

"We absolutely had a fun evening and it was also a great team building activity."

CityQuest Smily lila
Johannes V. via e-mail

"Overall, the game was great fun and is definitely family-friendly!"

CityQuest Smily gruen
Dr. M. Schmitt via app

"Great idea - a totally new concept to learn about a city."

CityQuest Smily gelb
Le Phuc via app

"Mum and child in a completely foreign city. We loved it!"

CityQuest Smiley blue
Alexandra B. via e-mail

"The idea of being out in the fresh air, solving puzzles together, and seeing the sights of the city is very good."

CityQuest Smily rot
Cornelia W. via e-mail

"City&Quest with a whole school class is a wonderful school trip and definitely recommended."

City&Quest offers a puzzle game via smartphone / tablet plus equipment. Detect exciting details of the city with your team or on your own.

Duration on foot: ca. 2.5 hrs. Duration by bike: ca. 2 hrs. You can interrupt the tour as you like.

The necessary City&Quest bag is available at various locations on the spot. There you will find friendly contacts who will show your team how the game works: they will help you install the app, explain the rules and tell you how the equipment needs to be used in order to master the challenge. Have fun solving the puzzles with City&Quest!

Please choose a city to proceed with details on the rental stations and pricing.