Your Group Experience with City&Quest

Have fun exploring the city!

There it is – the new city puzzle game! Its name: “City&Quest”. Its mission: exploring the city through solving puzzles. And now also available in English. Do you feel like learning about the city in a different way? You like solving puzzles? Do you like being together with more people? Then “City&Quest” offers the perfect combination for you and your team. Experience exciting details together. A special group experience that is fun and makes you feel up for more!


Players' Testimonials

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Anke G. via mail about City&Quest Mainz, March 2018

"We absolutely had a fun evening and it was also a great team building activity."

Christine O. via app about City&Quest Ingolstadt, September 2018

"We all had a lot of fun 🙂 The difficulty of the puzzles is at exactly the right level and it was really rich in variety, great compliment!"

Le Phuc via app about City&Quest Heidelberg, August 2018

"Mum and child in a completely foreign city. We loved it!"

Cornelia W. via e-mail about City&Quest Heidelberg, May 2018

"City&Quest with a whole school class is a wonderful school trip and definitely recommended."

Dr. M. Schmitt via app about City&Quest Mainz, June 2018

"Great idea - a totally new concept to learn about a city."

Alexandra B. via e-mail about City&Quest Speyer, May 2018

"The idea of being out in the fresh air, solving puzzles together, and seeing the sights of the city is very good."

Ready for your outdoor adventure?

So don’t miss it! The necessary City&Quest bag is available at various locations on the spot. There you will find friendly contacts who will show your team how the game works. They will help you install the app, explain the rules and tell you how the equipment needs to be used to master the city challenges.

What is awaiting you?

You want to know more about the city puzzle game “City&Quest”? Then click on the following link. The reports on SWR television and in the local newspapers of different cities will give you an insight into the game format. So let’s start the extraordinary discovery tour!


Have fun solving the puzzles with City&Quest !-)

We are looking forward to your feedback!