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The Schupfner family puzzles their way through Nuremberg

For the new scavenger hunt through Nuremberg you need an app, a mobile phone and the puzzle bag. You can get this bag at the lending desk of the shop in the Nuremberg Future Museum (Zukunftsmuseum). It contains everything you need for interactive puzzle fun through Nuremberg. The Schupfner family tested the tour for you. (Source: BR)

The Schupfner family puzzles their way through Nuremberg

Video from the show “Frankenschau aktuell” on BR Fernsehen

23.8.2022 | 17.30 Uhr | 2:38 min

Packed with the “City&Quest” bag that contains all the items for the city game in Nuremberg

The Sieg family goes on a scavenger hunt in Worms

The SWR war in Worms and went on a scavenger hunt in the historic city of the Nibelungen. For the YouTube outdoor channel “Raus mit Euch” the Sieg family explored the city with the City Quest Tour and tested the family suitability of the excursion destination. At the end of the excursion, the test familiy draws an honest conclusion. (Source: SWR)

The Sieg familiy checks out the “City&Quest” tour in the Nibelungen city of Worms and records their experiences.

The Sieg family puzzles their way through Worms

Video from the SWR YouTube outdoor channel “Raus mit Euch”

Reporter Markus Bundt discovers Speyer in a playful way

Getting to know a city while having some guesswork! That’s exactly the challenge that reporter Markus Bundt now needs. For this purpose, he gets a special puzzle bag from the Tourist Information Office or the Historical Museum of the Palatinate and loads the free app Actionbound on his mobile phone and off we go. (Source: SWR)

Markus in Speyer

Video from the show “Kaffee oder Tee” on SWR television

15.3.2019 | 17.05 Uhr | 5:04 min

Had a lot of fun puzzling and exploring in the Rhineland-Palatinate cathedral city: external reporter Markus Bundt and his SWR team

Reporter Vivian Bahlmann discovers Worms in a playful way

The team from RON TV, the RTL regional program for the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region (RON: Rhenish Palatinate – Odenwald – Neckar) tracked down City&Quest and tried it out for you. Reporter Vivian Bahlmann faces the challenge in Worms. Using the app and riddle bag, she explores the city of the Nibelungs.

Standing in front of the Tourist Information Office in Worms: outdoor reporter Vivian Bahlmann and City&Quest founder Nadja Pentzlin

Vivian in Worms

Video “Knobelspaß, Graffiti und Narren” on RON TV

20.2.2020 | 18.00 | 4:10 min

Editors enjoy solving the puzzles in Speyer & Co

The press also commented on City&Quest. Its editorial staff cracked the riddles in the cities including Speyer, Mainz and Karlsruhe. Their conclusion is that the puzzle game is a great outdoor activitiy – whether as a leisure or corporate event! Click on the pictures or links to get to the articles.

With City&Quest in Speyer

An editorial team of the “Rheinpfalz” solved the puzzles for you in Speyer. To the article by Rebecca Ditt:

Härteste Nuss wartet an Klostermauer

With City&Quest in Karlsruhe

Martha Steinfeld and Tanja Kasischke explain how the game works in the fan city. To their “BNN” articles: (Source: Badische Neueste Nachrichten (BNN) |

Schnitzeljagd quer durch die Fächerstadt

Digitale Schnitzeljagd

With City&Quest in Trier

An insight into the city puzzle game in Trier is given by Anna Warczok in the economic section of the “Rheinpfalz”. To her article:

Escape Rooms für draußen

With City&Quest in Frankfurt

Niklas Mag made the puzzle tour for the “Frankfurter Wochenblatt”. To his article:

Kopf benutzen und Neues lernen: Historikerin bietet Stadtrallye an

With City&Quest in the Old&New Town of Mainz

Carolin Strohbehn tested the riddles in the New Town of Mainz for the event magazine “Pepper”. Irina Steinhauer toured through the Old Town of Mainz for the “AZ”. To their articles:

Digitale Schnitzeljagd

Spielerisch Mainz erkunden


With City&Quest in Ingolstadt

A group of ninth graders played the game for the “Donaukurier” in Ingolstadt. To Christian Silvester’s article:

Ingolstadt von seiner besonderen Seite

With City&Quest in Worms

Lili Judith Oberle enjoyed solving the riddles in downtown Worms. To her article:

Die Innenstadt in Rätseln neu erleben

With City&Quest in Heidelberg

Lena Scheuermann wrote a news report about City&Quest Heidelberg in the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”. To her “RNZ” article:

Die Stadt erkunden – und dabei Rätsel lösen

With City&Quest in Wiesbaden

Julia Anderton presents the game in Wiesbaden. To her article in the “Wiesbadener Kurier”:

Zwischen Plastikplane und Kirchturmspitzen