Hi, I’m Nadja,

and I'll help you and your team members discover the city creatively. Because there is much more to it when you play, puzzle, search and find together. My goal is to open your eyes to exciting details. And if you are having fun, I'll be happy. That's why there's City&Quest - so you can experience the city and enjoy playing the game!

My indoor puzzle game “Escape&Museum”

I studied history, and my doctorate in Reformation history led me to start my own project for the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 theses in 2017. With my indoor puzzle game “Escape&Museum Speyer” I created a new history experience in a live escape room. My project was very successful: it was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor and rated as the TOP excursion destination for the Rhineland-Palatinate by FamilyCheck. By developing the Lutherbox – a cube-shaped box to puzzle over together – I created another play to help shape the Reformation anniversary.

My outdoor puzzle game “City&Quest”

Why not place the guesswork outdoors when it is fun and makes you ready for more indoors? I answered this question by introducing the outdoor puzzle game “City&Quest Speyer”. As with the indoor game, clever combining, skill and teamwork are required here in order to master tricky tasks. In 2016, together with my husband Felix, I designed the first game in Speyer. Games in Heidelberg, Mainz and my hometown Ingolstadt followed. We also developed our game for Karlsruhe, Wiesbaden, Worms, and Trier. We launched the game in Frankfurt am Main with our daughter and with our son in Nuremberg. In each city, we work with great partners who take care of running the game on site. At this point I would like to thank all of them for their dedicated support! Thanks also to Isabelle’s French Academy: Thanks to her, our games in Speyer and Mainz can also be played in French.

Have fun solving the puzzles with City&Quest !-) Looking forward to your feedback 😉

Dr. Nadja Pentzlin