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Discover the "Schoppenstecher" and much more in the New Town of Mainz


... or experiencing me?

Discover Johannes Gutenberg and much more in the Old Town of Mainz

Explore Mainz with City&Quest

The Church of St Christoph is your starting point for the New Town of Mainz. For the Old Town of Mainz, you will start on the Rhine in front of the city hall. From there, the ca. 4.5 km long route (into the New Town) or ca. 4 km long route (into the Old Town) leads to 11 other City&Quest locations – most of which are located in the middle of the city centre, some a little distance outside. Duration on foot: ca. 2.5 hrs. The GPS feature of the free Actionbound app helps you to get from location to location, so you can go tracking down and lionizing the unique buildings. You can interrupt the game as you like. In this way you explore Mainz’s most beautiful faces!



Hard to top – you pay only € 45,- (VAT included) per team!


by smartphone plus equipment

Take up the team challenge!

Do you love being active and to be challenged? You want to have fun and to be out together? Are you curious and do you like to use your skill? Then City&Quest is the very game you are looking for. The city rally takes your team to known and lesser-known places in the city, demanding your cleverness, cooperation and creativity!


Put together your team, including your family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues. Your group can be of any size. As an ideal group size for the game we recommend 2 to 6 people. Children under 12 years should be accompanied by an adult. The game is suitable for all ages: from 9 to 99! Another group can start the game in parallel but in the reverse direction.


Download the Actionbound app for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store with your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can download the app here. The Actionbound app helps you to find the spots and type in your solutions. Therefore, do not forget to activate the GPS function! Make sure that your battery is charged or pack a power bank so that you aren’t running out of power on the way. One smartphone or tablet per team is enough.


Borrow your City&Quest bag at the Tourist Info Office (see below). Inside the bag, you will find the necessary equipment to solve the puzzles. The price is € 45,- to borrow one bag per team. This requires a deposit (€ 50,- in cash) that you will get back upon your bag return. Watch out: Please return the complete bag at the same station you obtained it from and during the respective service times!


You'll need plenty of time and stamina. For the distances of the tours, you will need about 2.5 hours on foot. During your game, you can pause as you like. So plan enough time for your stops so that you can have an ice cream here and there, have a coffee or just let your soul dangle. Who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with one or the other location where you want to stay longer 🙂


centrally located in the city center

Go for your puzzle equipment – it’s that easy!

The equipment for your City&Quest game is available for hire at two stations in the heart of Mainz. It can be reserved online or, subject to availability, borrowed spontaneously and is ready for you on the day of your choice. Decide when you want to master the city challenge together and then choose the appropriate station where you pick up the bag and return it. In case you wish to return the equipment the following day, please let us know in advance.

GAME RULES: The price for the rental is to be paid on the spot. Please also bring € 50,- deposit in cash. You start right away! Scan the QR code, which you will find in the game instructions in your bag. You use the code to choose the direction (forward or backward route) and language (German or English).


The Tourist Info Office at Markt 17 (Domplatz) serves as a rental station during the following opening hours:

  • Mon-Sat 10.00-18.00
  • closed on Sundays and public holidays

Contact via telephone +49 (0) 06131 242888 or e-mail tourist@mainzplus.com

TO MAKE A RESERVATION: Please book via our online booking system. You pay the price plus a € 50 deposit at the Tourist Info Office. As long as bags are in stock you can also borrow one spontaneously. If you want to play on a Sunday or public holiday, you can borrow the bag on the day before and return it on the following day.