You want to give fun?

Then order your gift certificate here!

  1. Select the city where the game can be redeemed. *
  2. Pay for the voucher online via PayPal or by credit card.
  3. Get the voucher code via your email address.
  4. Design your voucher using the PDF template.

* You can buy vouchers here for the games in Heidelberg, Ingolstadt, Wiesbaden, Worms and Frankfurt. In Speyer, Trier and Mainz, you can buy vouchers in the tourist information offices on site, and in Karlsruhe via the following link: (not tied to City&Quest).

Without appointment: Flexible booking!

The recipient redeems the voucher for a game with a team of one’s choice on a selected day. To book you only have to put in the coupon code.